My qtbb went back to Marikina and I am missing his presence terribly that everytime I wake up I still hear his voice and his contagious laugh eventhough I’m fully aware that he’s nowhere near. 😭💔 #sepanx #littlejoy

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15 Ways Reading Poetry Will Make You More Successful

Poems are erotic by nature — because they tend to suggest more than explain. The poet’s job is to seduce the reader coyly with images, unexpected shifts, and wordplay. A poem flirts — and by example — teaches the reader how to be more seductive. (x)

posted Sep 22
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Ultimate Reward.

"In life, you can either actively avoid getting hurt, or you can take a chance. I went for it, and ended up with a guy who is not only willing to go the distance, but write for me — the ultimate reward." (x)

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I don’t try to be mysterious. I’m just more comfortable living inside my mind. It ensures I cannot get hurt, at least, by anyone but myself. Vulnerable is a word I never learned. Through writing, though, I can express those emotions.

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"Sometimes it’s an illogical, even inconvenient love for someone so other, so different and alien that it stretches you. It grows you, and you grow them, and you spend time baffled, excited, calm, worried, and everything else with or without them. It’s a love that perplexes even as it fills you."

posted Sep 20

"Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it’s important that you do it."

Gandhi (via psych-facts)
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I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Finals week is finally here! Deadlines are already around the corner. Keribells! <3

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"Sugar, We’re Going Down."

—Fall Out Boy
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"To love is to destroy."

The Mortal Instruments (via psych-facts)